Monthly Archives: January 2012
CAP Award Programme grows by 38%

With the CAP Programme delivering real, verified ’added-value’ to it’s client services in 2011, the reputation of the scheme has spread with 2012 already seeing clients’ commitments to join the programme increase by 38%.

As a client from the West Midlands said ‘the Award (CAP Programme) provides you with the tools to establish processes and procedures which result in improvements’.

‘Participating in the CAP Award Programme encouraged team work across the disciplines to ensure the highest of standards are achieved.  Attaining  Gold status has boosted morale and staff self esteen’ were comments received from a Kent client.

In summarising, a client stated ‘this has proved an extremely beneficial scheme for out hospital – Go for Gold’.

2011 proved to be a very successful year for the CAP Programme.  An overview of the headlines would be:

1. The financial return on a client’s investment into the CAP Programme was in excess of 1:5 for 2011

2. Qualitative improvements averaged 12.6% across 2011

3. The CAP Programme was recognised as a valued contributor to the CQC Quality and Risk Profile (QRP) with submissions in Q3 and Q4 2011

Mater Private Hospital’s catering department excels

The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin gained the GOLD CAP AWARD in December 2011.  The department scored consistently high across the assessment categories with the overall quality of the service shining through.  Congratulations to the Catering Team at the Mater Private