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Catering Team achieves Silver CAP Award: a First in Central London

The Wellington Hospital is celebrating the achievement of their Catering Department, who received a Silver CAP award in recognition of the service they provide across The Wellington Hospital campus. The hospital is the first hospital in Central London to earn this recognition.

The ‘Continuous Advancement Programme’ Awards are presented by independent assessors, after rigorous inspection, from the CAP Award Programme ( Only departments who meet the highest standards in the catering, housekeeping and hospitality industry qualify for the award. After inspection, each organisation is graded and notified as to whether they have met the required standards and given an action plan to further develop their services.  Around 10% of organisations fall below the benchmark base standards.

The Wellington Hospital was assessed in November by an inspector who carried out a full appraisal of the catering department. This included looking at menus, assessing food practices, sampling the patient food service, taking in patient comments and looking at financial records to gain an all round picture of the efficiency and quality of the service.

The independent assessor from the CAP Award Programme who inspects hospitals, healthcare locations, schools and hotels across the UK commented

We have a set of strict criteria based on government and industry guidelines which I am pleased to say that The Wellington Hospital more than met.  The team should be commended on their achievement and in particular on their menu development, food quality and plate presentation.

On receiving the award Cliff Grand-Scrutton, Hotel Services Manager said,

“Our CAP Award visit was a meticulous procedure which involved the study and assessment of every area of the service, so we were thrilled to receive the award in recognition of all the hard work that the staff have put in. It’s good to be told about and have our standards ratified by an independent outsider.”