Monthly Archives: January 2013
Core Skill Awareness for Catering and Housekeeping

The basic day-to-day tasks undertaken by our catering and housekeeping departments are often over-looked when drawing up the department’s training plan.  With the plan covering the mandatory needs, CAP now provides a week by week solution to help refresh your staff’s awareness of the core skills within catering and housekeeping i.e. those day to day duties and practices which determine the quality of the actual service.  Contact for more details and help your staff in their work

The Catering and Housekeeping CAP Awards deliver their ‘X Factor’ in 2012

A remarkable year was capped off in Q4 with the Bon Secours Healthcare Group and the Wellington Hospital, St John’s Wood London joining the programme and gaining their initial Awards.  With Gracewell Healthcare and Castlebeck becoming involved earlier in 2012 plus St Joseph’s Hospital in Wales, 2012 was a significant year with coverage being firmly established across the UK and Ireland. 100% of previous UK Healthcare members stayed with the programme including Groups such as Huntercombe.  Based on the evidenced qualitative gains and financial saving made, Client have certainly seen the benefit of the programme.