Monthly Archives: July 2015

The CQC will soon be looking at the use of resources as part of the inspection of NHS hospitals.

This work – which will be developed as part of CQC’s new strategy for 2016 onwards – will focus on organisations’ ability to deliver high quality patient care that is also efficient and sustainable.

There are clearly many elements of a multi faceted organisation such as the NHS which qualify as ‘resources’ but I want to look specifically at the housekeeping/cleaning side of the operation.

With ever increasing pressure on public finances and the growing demands of an ageing population ever penny really does count.

Here are a few tips for Hospital leadership teams to make sure they will sail through the new CQC inspection criteria:

– Training: keep it hands-on rather than remote via the web. Cleaning is all about actual contact with the furniture, with the shower, with the floor etc.  You need to appreciate this requirement and the pressure required to appreciate what works well.

– Access: cleaning is best completed when access is easiest i.e. after hours in Out-Patient departments, although some day presence is required.

– Monitoring: as is often said, cleaning standards are only ever as good as the supervisory input. The right training and the right process will deliver – and at the right price.

– Costs: access the whole picture from contractor earnings, equipment costs and consumables. Ensure comparisons are on a like for like basis to make sure you get the best price for your department.

– Recognition: cleaning is a hard job and praise is required – measure and reward excellence and you will have a happy, productive and loyal workforce, avoiding a costly culture of revolving door recruitment.