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BRIGHTON’S Roedean School has won a major national award for housekeeping for the third year running.

The famous girls’ school was awarded a Gold CAP Award for its exceptional standards –- following an unannounced inspection.

The CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) Awards recognise excellence in housekeeping and are regarded as the highest measure of quality.

Award inspectors were particularly impressed with the attention to detail which the housekeeping team brought to the everyday cleanliness of the school.

The school was also praised for its fantastic team spirit and the close working relationship between the housekeeping team and other heads of department.

Kate Hawley, Domestic Bursar at Roedean, said the housekeeping team was delighted to win a Gold Award for the third year in a row.

She said: “To win three Gold Awards back to back is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the housekeeping team – they consistently go above and beyond to make the school a clean, attractive place in which to learn and work.”

Ian Jackson, Director of the CAP Awards said, the housekeeping team at Roedean had once again impressed him with their constant innovation.

He said: “The housekeeping team are always looking to work in smarter and better ways to ensure the school is beautifully clean and welcoming to everyone.

“Housekeeping can often be overlooked but that’s not the case at Roedean, they are an essential part of the school. That is probably best reflected in the NVQ training system created to give staff the opportunity to grow and develop as housekeepers.

“Congratulations to the team and the wider school. Roedean is a worthy winner of the triple Gold CAP Award, which puts them in a very elite group of schools in the UK.”

During the inspection all areas of the school were inspected from the boarding houses through to the dance studio and on to the classroom and dining rooms.

Each area had its score recorded according to the cleanliness; for instance sofa cushions having been removed for cleaning under and around, skirting boards under desks free from dust and common rooms being clean at low, medium and high level.

Roedean (, which has more than 440 girls aged 11-18, provides a stimulating education and exciting extra-curricular opportunities in an environment which is both supportive and friendly, and develops the spirit, values and individual personalities of the students.


The Catering Team at Bishop’s Stortford College have won a major national catering award for a record fifth consecutive year.

The 1170-pupil school is the first in the UK to claim the top prize for the highest quality food and service, five years on the trot.

The CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) Awards recognise excellence in catering and are regarded as the highest measure of quality, safe best practices and service.

Award inspectors were so impressed by what they saw, and tasted, that two dishes were crowned the best ever on a school menu.

Ian Jackson, Managing Director of the CAP Awards, said the catering service and staff were standout winners.

He said: “I can honestly say the lasagne and cauliflower cheese were probably the best dishes I have tasted in a school, absolutely superb.

“To win a Gold Award five years on the bounce is an incredible achievement and great news for all the staff and pupils who get to eat there everyday!”

More than 30 pupils and teachers gave verbal feedback during the inspection and gave the food a resounding thumbs up.

Inspectors were also impressed by recent investments the College had made in the kitchen and dining room facilities and the ambition the catering team has to try new styles of cooking and presentation in the year ahead.

Jeremy Gladwin, Headmaster of Bishop’s Stortford College, praised the catering team, led by Gary Law, for winning Gold for a record fifth time.

He said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Gary and the team have won this prestigious award again, to be the only school in the UK to have won five on the trot is an incredible achievement.

“Preparing and cooking delicious, nutritious food is very important to us at the College. There’s a clear link between an excellent diet, learning success and wellbeing and those results are clear to see in our thriving community.

“A big thank you to everyone in the catering team, and well done on your record win!”

Why 2016 will be the best year yet for the CAP Awards

The next 12 months look set to be the busiest yet for the CAP Awards as more healthcare and education providers seek to improve their housekeeping and catering offerings.

First class housekeeping and catering is absolutely vital to the smooth running of care homes, hospitals and schools – but their efforts can at times be overlooked.

In the coming year we’ll be helping these teams earn the recognition they deserve, demonstrating the importance of the work they carry out on a daily basis and helping them improve their practices.

In our CAP Award inspections and HOTSAP audits we’ll be encouraging bursars, chefs, and housekeeping managers to be positive, to identify the barriers to the delivery of the desired service and proactively push forward the solutions.

In our experience when housekeeping and catering teams take ownership of their challenges and opportunities it can create truly transformative results – and more often than not a prestigious Gold CAP Award!

At our HQ we’ll be busy developing the CAP Awards’ ‘Tools of the Trade’ package to offer even greater ongoing support to our wonderful members.

This toolkit will allow providers to take the pulse of the quality and financial health of their housekeeping and catering outputs at any particular moment so improvements can be made on an ongoing basis, not many months later.

As housekeeping and catering professionals we all know that any upgrade in our service has an instant impact on the people in our care, the CAP Awards toolkit will help you identify and make those adjustments fast.

Finally, expect to see a lot more of the CAP Awards and HOTSAP in 2016. We have some exciting plans in the pipeline to develop our own brand as well as increase the level of visibility we give to our housekeeping and catering teams.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to helping you win the recognition your team truly deserves this year.



THE Wellington Hospital has won a major national award for cleanliness for the second time in as many years.

The UK’s largest independent hospital claimed a Gold CAP Award following an unannounced inspection into quality and standards of housekeeping.

The CAP Awards (the Continuous Advancement Programme) measure the quality of cleaning and housekeeping in healthcare facilities across the UK and are regarded by patients and their families as a mark of high quality.

Sunny Chada, Chief Operating Officer, for the central London hospital, said the new award proved the housekeeping staff were not ones to sit on their laurels.

He said: “I’m incredibly proud of the housekeeping team, to win a Gold CAP Award again is testament to all their hard work and dedication.

“The attention to detail that is required to win Gold is second to none and delivering that day in day out is no mean feat in a hospital the size of ours.

“A huge congratulations to Helena and her team, what a great result!”

CAP inspectors were impressed with the way the housekeeping team had built on their first Gold Award to deliver an even higher quality of service.

Ian Jackson, Managing Director of the CAP Awards said: “We were hugely impressed by the real understanding staff had of their different roles and why what they were doing was so important to patients and the hospital medical teams.

“Huge credit and congratulations to all involved. The Wellington is spread over five separate sites and keeping it all impeccably clean requires a lot of hard work and care.”

Inspectors also praised the housekeeping team for the high level of training they received and for following the CAP Award’s core skills awareness programme to drive up standards.

The Wellington Hospital has four decades of expertise in treating patients from the UK and overseas and has an international reputation for offering a premium service in key areas of healthcare, including: neurosurgery, cardiac care, orthopaedics, acute neurological rehabilitation and gynaecology.


HOUSEKEEPING and catering staff at a Dublin hospital were celebrating last night after winning two major national awards for cooking and cleaning.

Staff at the Bon Secours Hospital pulled off a rare double by winning a Gold CAP Award for excellence in both frontline departments.

The CAP Awards (the Continuous Advancement Programme) measure the quality of cleaning and housekeeping in healthcare facilities across Ireland and the UK and are regarded by patients and their families as a mark of high quality.

Mike Tonery, Bon Secours Hospital Manager, said the awards were recognition of the hard work and dedication of both teams.

He said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that we have won Gold for both catering and housekeeping.

“Our hard-working, dedicated staff are the heart of this hospital and it’s down to them that the food and the condition of the buildings, day in day out, is to the highest standard.

“Congratulations to everyone involved, these awards are well deserved.”

On the housekeeping front CAP inspectors were particularly impressed by the relentless desire of the management team to keep improving.

Ian Jackson, Managing Director of the CAP Awards, said: “Bon Secours are very worthy winners.

“There is an incredible team spirit at the hospital with committed staff and management all focused on the continual betterment of the service. Crucially, the housekeeping team work closely with the clinical side, which is essential for good patient outcomes.”

Catering won Gold because inspectors were impressed with the passion staff had to provide the best quality food for patients.

Ian added: “Quality, and suitability, of food is so important in a hospital setting and the Bon Secours catering team has got it spot on.

“Their methods and systems of work are incredibly effective, the food they produce is high quality and tasty and they are constantly seeking patient feedback to improve their service.”

The hospital plans to continue working with the CAP Awards in the year ahead to maintain, and where possible improve, the quality of the housekeeping and catering departments.

CAP Award inspectors are industry leading experts who support hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the year to be the best they can be for their patients and staff.