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Beacon Hospital Dublin wins top housekeeping award

Beacon Hospital, one of the most advanced private hospitals in Europe, with over 1000 Consultants, nurses and healthcare professionals is celebrating the receipt of an award in recognition of its excellence Housekeeping standards. Beacon Hospital received a Gold CAP Award, the highest available from independent assessors of Housekeeping standards.

CAP awards are presented only to teams who meet the highest standards in the Housekeeping and hospitality industry. To qualify for the award, establishments undergo a rigorous one day inspection. For establishments aiming for the highest standards, the inspection is unannounced so the on-site housekeeping teams have to ensure that the exacting standards are upheld at all times not just for a one off visit. After the inspection, each organisation is graded and notified as to whether they have met the required standards and given an action plan to further develop their services. Around 40% of organisations fail to meet award winning standards but join the CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) to improve standards. Beacon Hospital was awarded the highest possible award Gold during its first inspection but is still striving to raise its standards even further.

Beacon Hospital was assessed earlier this year by an independent auditor who carried out a full appraisal of the Housekeeping department. This included looking at the systems of works, audit tools, staff training, assessing working practices and examining the financial records so as to gain an all-round picture of the efficiency and quality of the service.

Beacon Hospital who are committed to being the highest-quality and safest provider of acute care services was delighted to receive notification of their Gold award. Mr Michael Cullen, CEO said “With 183 acute care beds, nine operating theatres, and two linear accelerators the housekeeping facility at Beacon Hospital is vast and complex. The housekeeping team play a vital role within the hospital. I am delighted that they have been recognised for their hard work and achievement.”

“The CAP award inspection was a meticulous procedure which involved the study and assessment of every area of the service, so we were thrilled to receive the GOLD award in recognition of all that we do to deliver the best possible housekeeping standards. It’s good to be told by an independent outsider that we are offering patients such high standards at Beacon Hospital.”

Ian Jackson, independent assessor from CAP which inspects hospitals, schools, hotels and businesses throughout Ireland and the UK was impressed with what he saw at Beacon Hospital. “We have a set of strict criteria based on government and industry guidelines which I am pleased to say that Beacon Hospital more than met,” comments Mr Jackson. “I was particularly impressed by the robust systems and evidence of performance that I witnessed during my visit.”