About CAP Awards

CAP was founded by husband and wife team Ian & Kate Jackson in 2011, with a desire to help the housekeeping/cleaning and catering services within the Education and Healthcare sectors get the recognition they deserve. Their team help dozens of organisations every year in increasing their standard of quality, hygiene and cleanliness through a positive development scheme throughout the UK and Ireland.

The service provided by Housekeeping/Cleaning and Catering is a vital part in cementing your reputation for quality of service.

  • Signal to everyone that your ‘core business’ excellence carries across all site services.
  • Gain a marketing advantage by having the standard of your services externally recognised.
  • Impress your clients by sharing your achievements and demonstrating the continuous progression of your services.

The CAP Development Scheme incorporates the regulator’s standards associated with your services. As a member of the development programme, maintain the level of performance and follow the action plan then you’ll have little to fear when the regulator calls.

Boost Staff Morale & Performance

The CAP Development Scheme recognises your Housekeeping and Catering team’s own efforts and crucially provides the external benchmark to motivate them onto greater achievements.

Everyone likes a pat on the back and when you present your staff with their CAP Award they’ll know that all of their hard work has been recognised. Rest assured that even after an award win, we work with you over the following 12 months to develop your teams service delivery to a higher level of quality.

How can we help support you for your regulatory visits?

  • Joining CAP lets you know where you stand and gives you a benchmark for success.
  • Where you do less well, you have a progressive action plan based on achieving continuous improvements.
  • Where you do well, you have the award and documentation to prove it.
  • And when your regulator calls, you’ll be fully prepared.

Where do I start?

Housekeeping/cleaning? Catering? Or both?

Decide which areas of your business that you want to focus on and we’ll send out an expert in your discipline. They will spend a full day at your premises working through a checklist of tasks, verifying the actual service delivery and measuring the standards of performance. Our expert will delve deep into the operational practicalities, right down to the detail and will benchmark your key performance indicators against the industry averages.

Afterwards we’ll send you a membership pack which includes:

  • Award for those meeting Gold, Silver or Bronze CAP milestones
  • A comprehensive report detailing an action plan for improvements
  • Marketing and social media support
  • Membership details so you will receive:
    • Access to 12 month’s office based support with up-dates, useful ‘tools of the trade’, benchmarks and operationally based advice for the award holder
    • Inclusion in the ‘core skill awareness’ programme with its fortnightly distribution of useful reminders on the day-to-day tasks completed within the departments

What’s the investment to join this pioneering, industry leading service that will change your organisation, and the people and teams within, for the better?

For the 12 month development programme it’s just £1230+VAT, and we’ll get you to where you want to be.

Action Plan: Do Even Better Next Time

Our action plan is one of the most valuable parts of the CAP Programme. It’s your blueprint for improvement and crucial for moving up from Bronze, Silver and on to the Gold.

If you fail to qualify for Bronze (it does happen), the action plan could make the difference between a damning inspection or a clean bill of health.

On the other hand, if you’re accredited with Gold status, you’ll be delighted, but never complacent. Our action plan will help you get even better and stay at the top.


I would recommend the CAP award as it is a really good way to motivate a team, it is good to have aims, and the support is invaluable"

Harrogate Ladies’ College

Of course achieving gold was our overriding aim but the support and recommendations provided by CAP to further improve our service is just as valuable to us”

Rossetti House, Frome

It can sometimes be difficult to motivate teams that work in this sort of area. This Award acknowledges where they are, where they need to go and how to get there. Used correctly, it can be a huge motivational tool”

St Joseph’s Hospital Newport


Find out how the CAP Award Programme can benefit your school or for a no obligation chat about housekeeping or catering.