Are you ready to re-open the school doors?

Preparing to open the school doors to a new world?  Follow our 5-step plan to get you started.

1Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

The temptation to just get going and return to old practices may be strong but now is the time to plan a new approach.

  • Check your staffing levels and consider the skill set.
  • Review your training plan for new and old required tasks.
  • Do extra tasks mean extra people or are there ways to work smarter not harder? There often are – see Work Smarter to find out more
  • Review your cleaning equipment and materials. Is more equipment needed to meet the new demands and do idle machines need attention before being put back to use?
  • Most importantly, reassure the team. Plan time with the team to listen and address their concerns. Take time to explain all safety measures.

2. Knowledge is King.

  • Staff, pupils and parents need assurance that you know what is needed to keep them safe and that you are doing everything that you can to put it into practice. Tell them what you know, tell them what you are doing and tell them again. Communicate with them before you open, when you open and after you’ve opened.
  • Keep updated with the latest guidelines from housekeeping and cleaning experts and review your processes.

3. Time to break the routine

  • Implement new and increased cleaning and sanitising routines. Evidence these routines robustly.
  • Keep safe and introduce new routines to focus on areas such as ‘touch points’ that require special attention.

4. Keep your distance

  • Mark out how to transform your intimate, bustling Dining rooms, kitchens, common areas, washrooms and changing facilities into safe socially distanced spaces.

5. Vigilance

  • Cleanliness has always been key but now it is about being clean with an underscore and a double exclamation mark!!
  • This means more regular checks; more routine cleans and more assessments.
  • Where possible, arrange an external audit – virtual or on-site to spot the areas you may have missed and demonstrate that, when it comes to cleanliness you mean business.

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