Bon Secours Hospital Galway Claims Third CAP Gold Award for Catering.

Bon Secours Galway

The catering team at Bon Secours Hospital in Galway is revelling in its latest achievement, attaining a third consecutive CAP Gold award for its catering provision after an unannounced independent assessment in September.

The latest Gold award demonstrates the hospital’s progression within the CAP programme and the adoption of the CAP action plan, following CAP Golds level in 2017 and 2018. With three consecutive Gold awards, the hospital can now aim for the new CAP Platinum Award in 2020.

Gerry Burke, CEO at Bon Secours Galway, says: “At the hospital, we all fully appreciate the contribution made by the catering team. Their drive to ensure that the service continues to progress is fantastic. A third CAP Gold is a testament to their dedication.”

The hospital improved its standing within the CAP Gold Award level, once again returning a higher score this year, thanks to a range of factors: “One impressive part of this assessment was the focus on and subtle improvements to the patient service, such as matching portion sizes to each patient’s appetite, and even providing cutlery of different weights to cater for patient preference,” explains CAP Chief Assessor Ian Jackson.