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New Protocols Required

As we re-open our premises afresh and / or with a change of client use or continue to provide our services to a larger audience, the expectation for elevated standards for cleanliness and safety is very apparent in the operation of our properties. We need to provide that assurance to the users and staff that…

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What to expect in the “new norm.”

Operating any facility during a global pandemic brings about many challenges including the safety of the staff, pupils and other site users. Hygiene, cleanliness and sanitisation have quickly jumped into a role of critical importance – something which the public are going to expect to be reassured of once we reach a stage of increased…

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CAP processes & metrics explained.

The CAP measure

How does the CAP Inspection Team assess an organisation and maintain consistency in its evaluations? It’s a complex and stringent process designed to scrutinise every aspect of an establishment’s housekeeping or catering provision. Here’s an overview. It takes you through the carefully controlled steps we follow during our assessments. From the outset, our assessments are…

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How best to measure Value for Money

We know that an organisation’s investment in the Continuous Awards Programme is not insignificant. But we also absolutely know that it delivers exceptional value for money, and we have abundant evidence to prove it. You’ll find plenty of examples on this website. So how do you measure value for money in Housekeeping and Catering provision?…

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What’s your preference?

You can’t always satisfy everybody with the choice of food your catering team produces or the way it’s presented. Food is quite subjective with tastes tending to vary with upbringing and also with age. Take a look at the picture we’ve used above. What should you do when you want to offer a nutritious fish…

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Where danger lurks!

Flu Virus

Cleanliness has never been more important or more topical with the troubling spread of Coronavirus. At times of heightened contamination awareness, diligence in housekeeping is imperative. Dusting in high or hard-to-reach places, and cleaning the underside of fixtures, are but two of the challenges housekeeping staff face in the drive to eliminate contamination sources. The…

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How attention to small details can help to differentiate a Healthcare Organisation.

Bedmaking in housekeeping

First impressions count. But the right impression lasts. It is a perennial challenge for healthcare organisations to present themselves in the best light, at all times. Only then can they develop a prestigious reputation, attract the best consultants, clinicians and staff, become the provider of choice for patients and residents, and levy the appropriate fees…

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New regulations will mean that from 13th December this year food premises must highlight inclusions of fourteen major allergens by name. Statements such as ‘May Contain Nuts’ and ‘May Contain Gluten’ will no longer be acceptable with the signposting to be more specific. These allergens are seen as being: – 1. Cereals containing gluten with…

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Simon Harrison is a leading healthcare management consultant currently acting as Executive Chairman with the Executive Care Group, which runs 27 elderly care facilities across the UK. Simon is often drafted in to healthcare organisations to guide them through challenging periods of change or to help them improve their core service offering. Here he gives…

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