Proof that good housekeepers make a difference.

Herman and Denise Gordon sent on holiday to Jamaica

Housekeeping so often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. But not always. At CAP Awards, we like to put that right. But it seems we’re not the only ones. Here’s a heart-warming story reported by the BBC. Some 230 students at Bristol University responded to a crowdfunding initiative by donating £1500 to send cleaner Herman Gordon and…

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Hermitage Medical Clinic Prescribed Gold Award for Excellence in Catering.

On 19th July this year, the renowned Hermitage Medical Clinic in Dublin’s Old Lucan Road got the tonic it richly deserved for its catering provision in the form of a prestigious CAP Gold Award. The Hermitage Medical Clinic had previously opened its catering up to scrutiny by our stringent inspection team in 2017, also landing…

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Avery Healthcare Highlights Double CAP Gold Award.

Derby Heights

It’s great to see premium healthcare provider Avery Healthcare highlight the recent double CAP Golds Awards presented to its Derby Heights Care Home. The company has created a prominent listing on its prestigious corporate website. The online coverage details the measures put in place by Derby Heights to prepare for the unannounced visit by our…

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Derby Heights Care Home Lands Industry Gold Awards for Housekeeping & Catering

Confident of the quality of its catering and housekeeping services, Avery Healthcare Group’s Derby Heights Care Home took the unprecedented step of opening itself up to unannounced scrutiny from an industry-recognised assessment body. For the care home, based at Littleover near Derby, this bold step paid off. Derby Heights achieved the highest accolade: a pair…

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Roedean School Lands Gold for its Housekeeping Again

Founded 130 years ago, Roedean School is perhaps one of the world’s best-known schools for girls aged 11 to 18. It is quite rightly famed for its fine academic and pastoral achievements. Now the school has added a further accolade to that list: another CAP Gold Award that once again recognises the peerless performance of…

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Bishop’s Stortford College Team Awarded Another Gold CAP

Bishop’s Stortford College gains 6th successive Gold CAP Award – A First for the College Housekeeping and Cleaning team Following in the footsteps of the College Catering team, who have won six successive Gold CAP Awards, the College Housekeeping and Cleaning team of 25, in collaboration with staff from partner contractor, Nightingales, have also achieved…

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Housekeeping team at Beacon Hospital Dublin achieves top award for cleanliness For the second year running, Beacon Hospital faced an unannounced CAP Award Assessment of its housekeeping services. The team from Neylons, the company responsible for ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness at Beacon Hospital, was delighted to not only retain Gold status but also…

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CAP Award Visits

One of the joys of the Programme for the assessor is visiting some beautiful and fascinating buildings Battle Abbey School   Vinehall School:  

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Welcome to the CAP Programme for Housekeeping and Catering

The clocks may have gone back but the CAP Programme continues to move forward at a pace. With the key message being for the continuous progression of the service delivery at both quality and financial, we are delighted to welcome Avery Healthcare, Benenden School, Battle Abbey School, the Princess Grace Hospital amongst others onto the…

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