Bon Secours Hospital Galway Claims Third CAP Gold Award for Catering.

Bon Secours Galway

The catering team at Bon Secours Hospital in Galway is revelling in its latest achievement, attaining a third consecutive CAP Gold award for its catering provision after an unannounced independent assessment in September. The latest Gold award demonstrates the hospital’s progression within the CAP programme and the adoption of the CAP action plan, following CAP…

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How attention to small details can help to differentiate a Healthcare Organisation.

Bedmaking in housekeeping

First impressions count. But the right impression lasts. It is a perennial challenge for healthcare organisations to present themselves in the best light, at all times. Only then can they develop a prestigious reputation, attract the best consultants, clinicians and staff, become the provider of choice for patients and residents, and levy the appropriate fees…

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What does it take to achieve CAP Platinum?

By Ian Jackson, CAP Chief Assessor The CAP Awards Platinum is a new level of accreditation that builds on the criteria for the CAP Gold standing. To qualify for CAP Platinum eligibility, an organisation must have achieved CAP Gold Awards in three successive years for the assessed discipline: housekeeping or catering. Triple CAP Golds are still very…

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First CAP Platinum for Housekeeping Goes to Bon Secours Care Village

Bon Secours Care Village

It’s a significant milestone for Bon Secours Care Village in Mount Desert near Cork, and for the Continuous Advancement Programme. The first CAP Platinum accolade has been awarded to the Care Village for its exemplary housekeeping. This award is not just related to the latest CAP assessment at the Care Village in July, where exceptionally…

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Hermitage Hat Trick for Housekeeping

Hermitage Medical Centre

The smart Hermitage Medical Centre in Dublin’s Old Lucan Road has become the latest organisation to achieve three successive years of CAP Gold awards for its housekeeping. Mary Shore, COO/Head of Nursing & Clinical Services enthused on the importance of a strong housekeeping service by saying: “It is so important to remind all of the…

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Bon Secours Hospital in Dublin Notches up CAP Gold for Catering

How to leave a pleasant taste in everyone’s mouth? Progress your catering service to CAP Gold level to signify its excellence. That’s what the Bon Secours Hospital in Dublin has done, landing a Gold award having passed a stringent independent CAP assessment in July. The hospital clearly demonstrated its continuous advancement in catering provision as…

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