Clean Safe Standard at the Ideal Marketing Company

Jess Shailes, Managing Director and Head of Digital Marketing at The Ideal Marketing Company commented ‘How have people found going back to the office? We’re not back yet, but are planning to return by the beginning of October. I was honestly dragging my heels a bit because of the responsibility to make the building COVID secure, look after the team and I didn’t really know where to start. So I’m glad we got Ian Jackson involved, who runs the Clean Safe Standard. He went through a review of all areas, thought of things that I NEVER would have considered and provided the step by step solutions. I feel so much more confident that when we do go back we’ll be doing the best thing for everyone there. Whether you’re dealing with back to the office after working remotely or simply concerned about looking after providing the best environment for your team, I’d recommend a chat with Ian’ : Linked-In Commendation