Where danger lurks!

Flu Virus

Cleanliness has never been more important or more topical with the troubling spread of Coronavirus. At times of heightened contamination awareness, diligence in housekeeping is imperative. Dusting in high or hard-to-reach places, and cleaning the underside of fixtures, are but two of the challenges housekeeping staff face in the drive to eliminate contamination sources.

The CAP Programme is here to help them develop efficient and effective strategies to leave no dust particle unturned and no grime unnoticed.

In our fortnightly updates on Skill Awareness for CAP participants, High Dusting and Fixture Underside Cleaning are often featured as part of a focus on special cleaning advice. Here are the top three considerations in each.


High dusting:

Dust in hard to reach and hidden places can cause poor air quality and health concerns. In addition, dust accumulating in high places can easily fall onto clean surfaces and areas below. So that demands an effective housekeeping strategy. High areas include duct work, hanging lights, beams, vents, the tops of doors and cupboards, picture rails and high-level ledges. Housekeepers need to be aware of the high-level dusting requirements in the area where they work, and ensure that they have the appropriate equipment to complete the cleaning task safely and effectively.

  • Identify: Check the area for high dusting requirements (cobwebs, general dust, etc.). Look up and around.
  • Equipment: Make sure you have the correct cleaning and support equipment for the task, this might include long cleaning poles or approved step ladders.
  • Health & Safety: Work sensibly. Do not overreach. Beware of building fixtures such as alarms, electrical systems, sprinklers, etc.


Cleaning under fixtures:

The desired standards of cleanliness for the cleaning of fixtures focus on the removal of accumulated residue, scale, marks and stains from all surfaces. Housekeepers need to be familiar with the appropriate cleaning substances for specific fixtures and ensure that they have the right cleaning equipment and materials to complete the task. If in any doubt, we advise that they always ask a supervisor.

  • Cleaning: check the underside of fixtures for cleaning requirements. Remember to clean behind, under and around the fixture.
  • Equipment: Make sure that you have the correct cleaning equipment for the task, which is likely to include cloths and materials as well as the cleaning substances.
  • Good practice: Work smart. Always be aware of the application of any cleaning chemicals.


In general, on each of our CAP Housekeeping assessment visits, whether announced or unannounced, we spend a significant amount of time assessing the cleaning standards being delivered by the housekeeping team across the entire premises. In every area or location, our assessment is scored on findings in those areas.

High dusting and the cleaning of fixtures tend to be among the most challenging elements of a housekeeper’s work. So, getting the strategy and tactics right for those challenges is a great way to achieve a high score for the team. And if the housekeeping team is not sure about how best to implement an effective cleaning procedure in any area… well, we are, and that’s what the CAP Programme is all about.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about your housekeeping and catering services.