What’s your preference?

You can’t always satisfy everybody with the choice of food your catering team produces or the way it’s presented. Food is quite subjective with tastes tending to vary with upbringing and also with age.

Take a look at the picture we’ve used above. What should you do when you want to offer a nutritious fish dish? Present it as breaded fillets or a whole grilled fish? If if you opt for the whole fish option,. do you leave the head on or remove it? We know that some people can be a bit squeamish about fish with heads on. Anyway, it’s a great visual example of the challenge caterers face to please all tastes.

That said, a few simple procedures can make all the difference to pleasing your consumers, be they younger or older. Like tasting the food before service, something you may be surprised to learn is often overlooked.

CAP Programme participants receive fortnightly updates on Skill Awareness, which cover fundamentals that are easy to overlook. Here’s a sample of that content detailing three of the common questions relating to food storage that we’re often asked by caterers.


Food storage

  • ‘Use-By’ dates: ensure that stated use-by dates are strictly observed.
  • Food types: always store raw foods below ready-to-eat foods.
  • Manufactured foods: follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to store food, with special attention to use-by dates after opening.


If your catering team is ever unsure about these kinds of best practice or which policies need to be followed, we are here to help. Remember, we’re always happy to engage with you to answer any questions you have about your housekeeping and catering services. Don’t hesitate to call or email us.