For Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Premises

Display the ‘Clean Safe Standard’ to let visitors and staff know that you are doing all that you can to keep your premises clean and its visitors safe.
We are delighted to be using our expertise to help the Commercial, Retail and Hospitality sectors manage their premises in line with cleaning, environment and safe hygiene best practices.

The 'Clean Safe Standard' gives you:

The reassurance that you are doing everything you need to do to prevent the spread of viruses to your colleagues, visitors and customers

Saves you time by giving you practical, commercial advice on how to make your premises safe

Helps you to increase your sales by giving assurance to customers, visitors and staff that they are safe to visit your premises

The opportunity to show that you have taken all the right steps and are regularly audited on your health and hygiene standards

IMAGE of sticker to give you a clear and easily recognizable Clean Safe Standard logo to display at your workplace to help everyone feel confident and safe.

We guide and support you every step of the way to put best practices in place so you can be sure that you are compliant and taking extra care of all visitors to your premises.

We provide you with a checklist and a plan to implement changes and enhancements following our on-site and off-site assessments.

Our aim is to help keep you, your staff and your visitors stay safe.


The achievement and display of your ‘Clean Safe Standard’ reassures your customers and staff that the level cleanliness and well-being are of a high rating and will be going forwards at your premise.

In performing at ‘Clean Safe Standard’, this will also help as our business premises fill up again by enticing staff and customers back to our facilities is vital. They will need reassurance at buildings being clean, safe and secure. These reassurances also now come with a heightened expectation for elevated standards of cleanliness and safety in the workplace and in other shared premises. A business delivering on these can expect to keep their staff and enjoy the confidence of their customers.

The customer will have a renewed trust in the building’s cleanliness and safety. They will have increased confidence to enter and feel comfortable inside the building plus the peace of mind that proper cleaning is an ongoing priority

Q - How does the ‘Clean Safe Standard’ work?

  • The Clean Safe Programme initially assesses the practices and measures already in place to determine if they are effective or require attention.
  • Depending on a business’s requirements, one of our experts will complete the initial assessment on-site or off-site.
  • The Clean Safe organisation confirms on your standing against the Standard
  • An Action Plan is prepared for progression as required includes the ‘tools’ to help
  • Once the business is confident that the recommendations have been put in place, they arrange for a re-assessment to be completed
  • Accreditation stamp awarded on ‘PASS’ for display at your premise
  • The Clean Safe team continue to monitor the actual standards monthly and provide a summary up-date
  • Annual Programme investment including the Monthly Checks starting at £1,250 + VAT The public display of the ‘Standard’ will provide the necessary assurances to all users of the premises that there are the appropriate procedures in place for the level of risk.

Currently, there is clearly an element that some users will be frightened at the prospect of returning to for example the workplace.  They will need a lot of reassurance before they feel safe to return. To provide these assurances, we are using our healthcare background to establish the ‘Standard’ for the now and the future.  The assessment will confirm that the working practices do provide the required assurances or we will provide the guidance and tools to put them in place.

Q – What facility should be looking at achieving recognition at the Clean Safe Standard?

The Clean Safe Standard
CinemasGP SurgeriesPubs with BedroomsGyms


Q – How do we start on the journey to achieving the Clean Safe Standard?

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