Triple Point Brewery + Bar – Customer Approval at new clean safe measures

George Brook at Triple Point Brewery remarked ‘Re-opening our bar after 3 months of lock-down and with last minute Government guidance, was a daunting prospect.  Fortunately, we had already been introduced to Ian Jackson from Clean Safe Standards.  Ian’s initial audit was conducted by “Zoom” (which worked far better than we had expected) and left us with a sobering and clear view of just how much we needed to improve to be properly “Covid safe”.  The report that followed “scored” our performance on a variety of measures and set a range of objective targets.  Fortunately, this came with plenty of pragmatic advice along with practical tips and tools.  As a result we opened feeling confident that we had taken all reasonable steps to protect our staff and customers and that we could support this view with evidence if needed. 

The real proof though has been the response from customers.  We have had lot’s of returning customers and positive comments (and some nice reviews, see below).  We are a little more “weather dependent” as we have reduced capacity inside and maximised the use of our outdoor space, but when it stays fine we have shown that we can safely achieve pre-Covid levels of trade.

There is still much for us to do to make sure that the recent “special effort” is continued and developed, but this where the Clean Safe Standards objective measures, systems and audits will have lasting benefits.

Many thanks to Ian and Clean Safe Standards

Customer Feedback –“We tentatively ventured out yesterday for 1st time so see what the pub situation was like. Pleasantly surprised had a nice relaxing atmosphere and wasn’t too busy for a Saturday night. All tables are social distanced, screens to protect staff, “click and collect” app worked well and a one way system with hand sanitizer everywhere and staff regularly cleaning tables and chairs down. This was our 1st outing and definitely felt safe and gave us confidence to come back. Thanks Triple Point Brewery good job👍💯🍺”

“So happy to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a friendly bar, but feel safe that social distancing is being maintained! There is plenty of space between tables, and a one way system to ensure you don’t have to come into contact with anyone unnecessarily! Plenty of seating under cover, and the same top brews you remember from pre lockdown days! Will definitely be returning!”

“I went yesterday and was very impressed. We booked a table which were all outside but under cover. The tables were well spaced out and the whole place was very organised. You order drinks and food online and receive a notification when they are ready. For anyone who wants to venture out but is unsure how seriously social distancing will be enforced this is the place to go! Fantastic beer as always! Well done guys!”