New Victoria Hospital demonstrating excellence in their cleaning practices

Cleaning Standards

We all recognise the importance of excellent and robust cleaning practices. The ambition of the New Victoria Hospital and their Housekeeping team reiterates this. Their focus is on the well-being of their patient and staff. At inviting the CAP Award Programme for Housekeeping to undertake an unannounced Housekeeping assessment visit, they have clearly demonstrated delivery on their approach. They have also set down the challenge to their team to be measured against the best which is an essential ingredient in these current times. It also provides a clear opportunity to demonstrate year-on-year progressive management of a vital department. We applaud the New Victoria Hospital for their recognition of the essential role and ‘added value’ that these ‘external’ inspections bring to patient and staff well-being. We wish the Housekeeping team every success in their ambition. Keep an eye out for the up-dates