Sign Off on the ‘New Norm’

Providing assurances for everyone using your site is crucial going forward as new protocols are expected. Are you ready?

At CAP, we’ve used our extensive knowledge to develop a comprehensive, in depth assessment tool to help you feel confident in your standards when the time comes for reopening. The assessment will provide the guidance and tools to ensure you are meeting the requirements and can ensure everyone on your site is assured.

Our testimonials from Housekeepers, Caterers, Head Teachers and Bursars describe the CAP Programme as the most operationally supportive audit their services undergo. We dig deep into the details focusing on the well-being of every person experiencing the service you’re providing. This is the standard we’re applying to this re-opening and post-opening audit, giving you the confidence to pass on the assurances of your standards to parents, pupils and your staff and display your certification.

To arrange an assessment, get in touch and email us at