Spire Hartswood Hospital’s housekeeping team strive for Gold!

Last year, Spire Hartswood Hospital’s housekeeping team secured a CAP Silver Award for its housekeeping provision. The CAP inspection team visited on 12th November 2019 to assess the hospital’s housekeeping and cleaning services. They noted the commitment shown, not just by all members of the housekeeping team, but by the hospital as a whole embracing and supporting the ambitions of the department.

Over the past couple of months, we have all had to adapt our practice in order to continue to maintain a clean and safe working environment for patients, staff and consultants. Throughout the COVID pandemic, the housekeeping team have continued to maintain high levels of cleanliness which has helped to keep Spire Hartswood safe.

The team are now striving for a Gold CAP Award and have been preparing for an unannounced visit. They have implemented new processes, built fantastic new training regimes for staff, adopted the use of correct PPE and have continued to stay motivated during this challenging time.

Operations Manager, Jordan Butler says “In terms of providing the best possible quality of service to our patients, this achievement by the housekeeping team is a testament to the vital part they play. We are all inspired by their drive and determination to keep Spire Hartswood a clean and safe place.”

Rosemarie Kopijka, Head Housekeeper comments “It’s been a tough couple of months but the whole team has come together and supported one another. All members of staff have been motivated to achieve Gold and embraced the new changes and processes at the hospital”.

We would like to say thank you to the Housekeeping team for all their hard work. We wish them the best of luck as they embark on their journey to achieve Gold Award. We feel so proud of their resolve and diligence to keep Spire Hartswood Hospital a safe and clean place of work!