Prove that your catering, housekeeping/cleaning services excel in their actual delivery.

The Continuous Advancement Programme is an annual award scheme for catering and housekeeping/cleaning services.

In public places such as schools, hospitals and care homes the hardest work goes on behind the scenes. When you get it right, no one seems to notice, but when standards of quality, hygiene and cleanliness slip, everyone complains.

With the Gold, Silver or Bronze CAP Award everyone can see that your standards of cleanliness, hygiene and food quality have been audited against the ‘best in class’ industry standards. Unlike your competitors, you’ll have a success story to tell your visitors and the media, with documentation to back it up.

Verify the standards of the service being delivered.
Identify strengths & weaknesses so that any required corrective actions can be planned and be taken.
Compare to your industry benchmarks whether in healthcare or education.
Boost staff morale by their ‘ownership’ of the award and their desire to achieve.
Plan for the continuous progression of the service.
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