About The CAP Award

The service provided by Catering and Housekeeping and Cleaning Departments is so often a vital part in cementing your reputation for quality of service.

  • Signal to everyone that your ‘core business’ excellence carries across all site services.
  • Gain a marketing advantage by having the standard of your services externally recognised.
  • Impress your clients by showing off your achievements and demonstrating the continuous progression of your services.
  • Peace of Mind

    The CAP Award incorporates the regulator’s standards that are commonly applied to the industry e.g. the requirements of the Food Safety Act. When you qualify, maintain the level of performance and follow the action plan then you’ll have little to fear when the regulators turn up at your door.

    Boost Staff Moral & Performance

    The CAP Award recognises your Catering and Housekeeping team’s own efforts and crucially provides the external benchmark to motivate them onto greater achievements.


    Everyone likes a pat on the back and when you present your staff with their CAP Award they’ll know that all of their hard work has been recognised.

    Are you ready for your regulatory inspectors visit?
  • Joining CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) lets you know where you stand and gives you a benchmark for success.
  • Where you do well, you have a plaque and documentation to prove it.
  • Where you do less well, you have a progressive action plan based on achieving continuous improvements.
  • And when your regulator calls, you’ll know exactly how your standards measure up.
  • How do the CAP Awards Work?

    Decide which areas of your business that you want to audit and choose the teams that you want involved e.g. catering and / or housekeeping.


    We’ll send out an auditor specialised in your discipline.  They will spend a full day at your premises working through a checklist of tasks, verifying the actual service delivery and measuring the standards of performance. Our auditor will delve deep into the operational practicalities, right down to the detail of tasting your food, checking behind the curtains and benchmarking your key performance indicators against the industry averages.


    Afterwards they’ll send you a comprehensive report, your award - Gold, Silver or Bronze - and a detailed action plan for improvements in the areas where you didn’t perform so well.

    The CAP Award provides a measure of your departments actual performance against:
  • Recognised standards of service delivery
  • Industry best practices
  • Regulators compliances & legal obligations
  • – The CAP Award system, Bronze, Silver & Gold
    Action Plan: Do Even Better Next Time

    Our action plan is one of the most valuable parts of the CAP Award. It’s your blueprint for improvement and crucial for moving up from Bronze, Silver and on to the Gold.


    If you fail to qualify for Bronze (it does happen), the action plan could make the difference between a damning inspection or a clean bill of health.


    On the other hand, if you win Gold, you’ll be delighted, but never complacent. Our action plan will help you get even better and stay at the top.

    How do the CAP Awards Work?
    The cost of your investment in quality and service standards is just £1,200 plus VAT
    What you get:
  • A full day with a specialist auditor
  • A comprehensive action plan for the progressive qualitative and financial improvement of your services
  • Your CAP Award plaque - Gold, Silver or Bronze
  • 12 months free email support with a supply of the ‘tools of the trade’ to assist in the development of the services
  • To discuss and arrange your Cap Award programme call +44 (0)1858 540 200 or email us at
  • A better understanding of your business
  • Peace of mind
  • CAP Award badge
  • (Coming soon) CAP Award caps and aprons to celebrate success