Reach the pinnacle of housekeeping, cleaning & catering standards with a tailor-made Continuous Advancement Programme.


The Continuous Advancement Programme is a 12-month progressive development scheme for housekeeping/cleaning and catering services in the Healthcare and Education sectors, ensuring positive development and recognition for your teams and individuals who are consistently performing exceptional work behind the scenes.

Housekeeping/cleaning and catering are tough jobs to do, and without these hard working teams and individuals many processes in your organisation would not run as smoothly. Investment in these departments can make a huge impact internally and on the end user, so we want to help you as an organisation recognise and develop these vital parts of your business.


Without doubt the best operational support course we have invested in.

Steve Fairclough, Former Headmaster, Abbotsholme School

For parents, the quality of the catering on offer is one of the criteria by which they choose a school, the CAP Award ensures we are meeting these high expectations."

John Downes, Bursar Stafford Grammer School

Go for it! Even if at first the Award is not achieved the feedback provides the information and stimulus to improve. This assessment is an excellent development tool”

Briar Court, Hartlepool

The Continuous Advancement Programme is a tailor-made coaching and award programme designed to deliver excellence and maximise return on investment in housekeeping and catering.

Can you identify your service provision shortfalls?

  • Does the dining experience meet expectations?
  • Is the catering investment delivering value for money?
  • Are cleanliness levels impeccable?

How can you implement change that works?

  • Join the CAP Awards Programme to benefit from independent scrutiny.
  • Benchmark against others through an unbiased but candid inspection report.
  • Motivate service provision teams with practical and achievable action plans for improvement.
  • Use CAP Awards to recognise and reward outstanding team and team member performance.
  • Profit from continuous improvements that drive up service provision value.

Does your service provision stand out?

  • How would your housekeeping and catering compare to others in your sector?
  • Do your housekeeping and catering reflect industry best practices?
  • Is recognition for high standards important to you, your stakeholders and your customers?

Whether you’re in education or healthcare, attaining the accreditation through our programme means your customers can see that your standards of cleanliness, hygiene and food quality have been audited against the very ‘best in class’ industry standards. You’ll have a success story to tell the media and more importantly, your visitors, with hard evidence to back it up.

There are various stages of achievement on our programme. The Bronze level shows you exceed the minimum standards for your services, with the focus of our programme to progress onwards and upwards to Silver and Gold award status.

People are quick to make complaints when something goes wrong, but our mission is to ensure that your organisation is noticed for the high standards of quality, hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Continuous Advancement Programme:

  • Verifies the standards of the service you’re delivering.
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses with planned corrective action.
  • Compares your results to industry benchmarks whether in healthcare or education.
  • Boosts staff morale by the very ‘ownership’ of the award and their desire to achieve.
  • Plans for the continuous progression of the service.


Find out how the CAP Award Programme can benefit your hospital, nursing home or school.