At CAP we believe your healthcare experience should be as enriching as any other, which is why we work with you to ensure the highest possible standards in the housekeeping/cleaning and catering areas.

These are the lifeblood of any private healthcare organisation and keep the wheels turning daily to ensure a positive experience for patients, residents and staff.

The sector-leading CAP Awards Development Programme will give your healthcare organisation the edge as far as housekeeping and catering are concerned. The programme sets the highest of standards and drives continuous progression.

The Continuous Advancement Programme is a tailor-made coaching and award programme designed to deliver excellence and maximise return on investment in housekeeping and catering within your healthcare organisation.

What’s the process? 

  • Decide whether you want to focus on housekeeping/cleaning or catering, or both.
  • One of our experts will visit your premises for the day and work through an operational checklist

Afterwards, we’ll send you a membership pack which includes:

  • Award for those meeting Gold, Silver or Bronze CAP milestones
  • A comprehensive report detailing an action plan for improvements
  • Marketing and social media support
  • Membership details so you will receive:
    • Access to 12 months' office-based support with updates, useful ‘tools of the trade’, benchmarks and operationally-based advice for the award holder
    • Inclusion in the ‘core skill awareness’ programme with its fortnightly distribution of useful reminders on the day-to-day tasks completed within the department.

Get started with CAP today for an investment starting at just £2,550+VAT for the 12-month development programme with the investment being scaled to the activity i.e. bed numbers and occupancy.

To find out how the CAP Development Programme can benefit your healthcare organisation or for a no-obligation chat and housekeeping or catering call +44 (0)1858 540 200 or contact form.

Astbury Manor Care Home

The CAP Programme provided a focus on specific areas for quality improvements. A very positive experience. Go for it!

Mary Shore, COO / Head of Nursing & Clinical Services, Hermitage Medical Clinic

The CAP Process is very detailed and comprehensive, professional and fair. It has given us full confidence that we can handle any audit possible.

Maria Sava, CEO Neylons Facility Management, Beacon Hospital

The CAP Programme gives a sense of pride and achievement. The unannounced visit is particularly beneficial keeping all staff aiming to achieve the highest standard every day.

Teresa Quinn, Bon Secours Hospital, Dublin


Find out how the CAP Awards Programme can benefit your hospital, nursing home or school.