One easy decision. Three great outcomes.

There are more than 2500 independent schools in Britain today. That’s a huge choice for students looking for the best education and environment, and for their parents who hold the purse strings.

Forward-thinking schools need a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd and attract the right students. The CAP Awards delivers that edge. Our Continuous Improvement Programme raises standards in housekeeping and catering. That quality always gets noticed, so it’s a fast and easy way to make the best first impression for pupils, staff and visitors. Scores of schools are already benefitting.

The Continuous Advancement Programme is a tailor-made coaching and award programme designed to deliver excellence and maximise return on investment in housekeeping and catering.

How to Get Started

Decide where improvements will count most: Housekeeping or Catering? Or both?

Three Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Rising standards driven by a bespoke development plan, tailored to your school’s exact needs, that addresses all issues to deliver measurable quality and financial improvements.
  • Immediate recognition for demonstrating the highest standards and for committing to continuous improvement.
  • Improved morale among your housekeeping and catering teams, backed by a skills development programme supported by personal recognition for achievement.
Stowe Catering Department CAP Award
Roedean Nov 2015 HK GOLD

How the CAP Awards Process Works

We appoint one of our independent CAP Awards experts in the discipline you choose. Our expert inspector visits your school for a full day to work through a rigorous checklist of tasks. The inspector assesses every aspect of your service delivery, verifying and measuring standards of performance. It’s a detailed process that scrutinises operational practicalities, team cohesion and individual capabilities. Key performance indicators are then benchmarked against industry norms.

After the visit, a comprehensive report is delivered, featuring a full and frank analysis of findings. A Membership Pack accompanies the report and includes:

  • A CAP Award for those whose standards reach Bronze, Silver or Gold milestones.
  • A detailed action plan for improvement over a 12-month period
  • Marketing and Social Media support
  • Access to 12-months of office-based support with updates, useful ‘tools of the trade’, benchmarks, and practical operationally-based advice and guidance for the award holder to implement
  • Inclusion in the CAP Awards’ Core Skill Awareness programme, including its fortnightly distribution of useful reminders on the day-to-day tasks completed within the departments.

Worth every penny! The team are even more highly motivated to achieve excellence for their School and each other.

Richard Poffley, Bursar, Roedean School

The CAP Award has been a wonderful staff motivator. It has allowed us to up-skill our teams and really celebrate their efforts and successes. Brilliant for team morale.

Chris Briscoe, Estates Manager, Harrogate Ladies’ College

The competition for pupils is getting fiercer and fiercer and having a CAP Award will give us a point of differentiation, a badge of quality that sets us apart from our fellow schools.

Yvonne Hopkins, Bursar, Vinehall School

What is the cost?

The investment to join this pioneering industry-leading service starts from just £2,550+VAT for the 12-month development programme with the investment being scaled to the activity, i.e. Boarding, Day and Pupil Numbers.

We believe it will change your school, its reputation and the people and teams within it for the better. Scores of education establishments across the UK and Ireland are testimony.

As a participant in the CAP Awards programme, we make it our commitment to get you to where you want to be.


Find out how the CAP Awards Programme can benefit your hospital, nursing home or school.