Warm Welcome from the UK Housekeepers Association

At recently becoming involved with the UK Housekeeping Association, we joined in on their “National Zoom Get Together”. What an uplifting experience it proved to be.  In some ways, it should not have been a surprise. Housekeepers do consistently show that ‘can do’ approach topped-up with proactively and resourcefulness. The “National Zoom Get Together” demonstrated all these qualities. 

Yes emotions were there for all to see yet these were in turn measured and largely due to the pride all had in their work.  There were frustrations at talk of having the cleaning times squeezed for example on vacated room and no allowances for the increased cleaning needs for say the key touch points and changes to the management of laundry. 

This was balanced by the recognition from the cleaning teams that they had to deliver on the heightened customer expectations for cleanliness and provide the reassurances of the premise’s working practices.  There was clearly an understanding that the books needed to be balanced.  It was this acknowledgement and reality that shone through.

Credit to all on the call and to the  UK Housekeeping Association for organising this and the many other events such as the regional events and meetings, the Share Knowledge Day, the National Business Lunch, Summer Barbeque, Christmas Fair and a Winter Ball as circumstances allow.

UK Housekeeping Association was founded in 1985 with the aim to promote Housekeeping as a career path and bring connected professionals together. Enormous thanks should go to all involved. This experience was a credit to the cleaning industry and UK Housekeeping Association founder Lord Forte